Monster Jam @ Lumen Field

I like big trucks & I cannot lie 🛻💨

Published March 24, 2023

The El Toro Loco truck flies through the air at Monster Jam with a crowd in the background
Too Late — You Missed It!

Saturday, April 1st • 7 pm

Something about a monster truck rally brings out your hidden redneck. You know, the part of you that secretly knows the lyrics to “Redneck Woman” or “Sweet Home Alabama.” Let’s face it: Monster trucks are the closest thing we have to Transformers

At Monster Jam, trucks compete in four events: Racing, Skills (two-wheeled stunts), Donuts, and Freestyle. Basically, these mechanical beasts will perform jumps, backflips, and, yes, crashes. Here’s what it looked like when the show visited Tacoma in January:

@theticketsea 👹🚙 Okay trucks are fun… @Monster Jam #tacomadome #monstertrucks #theticket ♬ original sound – TheTicketSeattle

This go-around, scream for your favorite drivers or trucks—like El Toro Loco driver Chelsea VanCleave or Zombie driver Bari Musawwir, who decided to race after attending his first rally at six years old. The trucks range from the infamous green and black “Grave Digger,” which has been around since ’81, to “Apex Predator ThunderROARus” and “Giant Shark Megalodon.” (Of course, you can buy a toy version to take home.)


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Heads-up: There are a few pre-event add-on options. “Pit Party,” for instance, lets you see the 12,000 lb trucks up close. You can also meet drivers and get selfies. If you don’t want to spend more, “Monster Jam Trackside” starts an hour before the main event and includes driver interviews, opening ceremonies, and giveaways.  

📸: Courtesy Monster Jam

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