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Published April 10, 2023

Cyclists move through downtown Seattle in a block

Last Fridays of every month @ Westlake Park • 6:30 pm

You’ve probably seen them on the streets, riding around Seattle like a flock of migratory birds—now it’s time to join them. Every last Friday of the month, Critical Mass Seattle meets at Westlake Center to be the icons they are. Too freaked out riding alongside cars? There’s safety in numbers. With turnouts sometimes reaching up to 50 bikers, that roadside anxiety you have is taking a day off.

When you’re riding with Critical Mass, you’re not solely strolling through Seattle looking like a baddie; you’re also part of a long-standing global political movement that originated in San Francisco that advocates for road safety and road access for pedestrians and cyclists. What I love about this group is that it’s always a mystery to ride with them. They decide the route the night-of, so every trip differs. Typically the trips are split into three legs: the initial take off, where the mass leaves Westlake Park and heads to the second leg, usually a grocery store, where everyone gets time to rest and buy food or booze, and then finally to the last destination, usually a park, like Golden Gardens, Discovery Park, or wherever the mass decides to stop. Once at the destination, riders can kiki

Not to romanticize it, but just imagine watching the sunset after a chill bike ride with brand new friends.

📸: Critical Mass

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