“My Hot Date” Pizza Slice @ Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar

Grab a slice for National Pizza Day 🍕

📸: Courtesy Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar

Editor’s Note: Thursday, February 9th, is National Pizza Day, but you can eat pizza any day 😋

If scheduling Hinge dates at your go-to spot is starting to feel like a chore, it might be time to get out of town. Head north to Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar in Edmonds and order the 🍕“MY HOT DATE”🍕 slice for a pun-inducing, shareable slice. It begins with the usual introductions: a garlic-roasted olive oil base and whole milk mozz. I’ll admit I was skeptical about the rest: funky gorgonzola and slivers of sweet Medjool dates. But the tang of balsamic drizzle plays wingman and ties it all together. And that crust. Bartender Niles Peacock perfected his thin-yet-pillowy crust with a 128-year-old sourdough starter, gifted to him by mentor Will Grant of Sourdough Willy’s in Kingston. 

This pie won him Best Non-Traditional Pizza, Northwest at the 2022 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the world’s largest pizza trade show. Peacock closed the craft kitchen’s Wallingford location after being impacted by the pandemic, but is coming back strong after the current location’s opening in 2021. Other menu standouts: 🍕”BREAKFAST FOR DINNER”🍕, featuring a cracked egg, bacon, and a generous dusting of parmesan. Order rum-based “Netflix & Chill” to be cheeky, or choose from a selection of inventive non-alcoholic cocktails. Pro tip: Pack a blanket and walk to nearby Sunset Beach to enjoy the sunset afterward.

🦚 Visit Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar @ 178 Sunset Ave S in Edmonds

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Meghna Jaradi

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