Zine-Making Workshop @ North End Makerspace

Flex your crafty bone ✂️

📸: Courtesy North End Makers

First Wednesdays

Next: Wednesday, January 4th 7 – 9 pm (FREE!)

The pandemic taught me one crucial thing: All my hobbies are boring. Trying new things is hotter than ever in 2023! Learning about yourself and what makes your little heart tick? It’s all the rage this new year. This is why I think you should head to North Seattle’s Pinehurst neighborhood the first week of January and make some freaking zines

What is a zine? What is Pinehurst? Who am I really? These are all great things to contemplate at the North End Makerspace (NEM), and I’m sure you will learn the answers to at least two of these questions. Here, I’ll even help you out. Zines are pretty much homemade magazines. You can make a zine about anything. A zine can be the home of your innermost desires: your weird drag, your plethora of pasta recipes, your belief that two characters in a CW show are gay and horny for each other, etc. You can keep your little zine for yourself, mass distribute them around town to bolster Seattle’s slimming media scene, or give them to your mom. 

NEM is a non-profit whose goal is to give people the space and tools to learn something creative. They host workshops on engineering, 3-D printing, knitting, woodworking, and more. In this zine workshop, NEM will provide everything you need for zine-making, plus some guidance on what really makes a zine zing. The best part is this class is free, though donations are appreciated. 


Nathalie Graham

Nathalie is a writer focused on anything she finds weird or fun. Sometimes this includes local politics and the environment, sometimes this involves scootering half-nude in Tacoma. She used to work as a staff writer at The Stranger where she did a lot of that sort of thing. She detests dentists and loves costume parties.