This Is Halloween 2022 @ The Triple Door

A serious refresh on a Halloween classic 💀

Published October 25, 2022

A photo of Jack Skellington with arms outstretched, centerstage. Sally leans against a prop in the background.
Too Late — You Missed It!

Runs October 14-31

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) is one of the few films that can satisfy both the Spooky Season adherent and those of you who are already breaking out their holiday-season playlists, despite the coming onslaught of Christmas tunes on every grocery store soundtrack. Can Can productions’ This Is Halloween gives the classic Tim Burton film a serious refresh and a PG-13 level of spice with live orchestral music, and creative local touches, and a healthy dose of camp. This 15-year anniversary edition promises some brand-new elements exclusive to 2022.

For those unfamiliar: This holiday crossover tale begins when Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King, bored and disillusioned with his native Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town during a walk in the woods. Inspired to take over this new territory, calamity ensues. In the Can Can’s retelling, the story unfolds with vocal performances, dance numbers, and burlesque by an ensemble of local reformers that includes longtime burlesque staple Paris Original and contemporary dancers Thomas Phelan, Isaiah Rashaad, and Hannah Simmons, with singer Tim Keller and musical theater pro Miranda Antoinette as Jack and Sally. Custom visual projections from TJ Davis and Lux Collective add extra dimension to the set. 

While the Can Can’s programming typically takes place in their own Pike Place dinner theater, this one’s showing at the Triple Door mainstage just a few blocks away, where local favorite Southeast Asian restaurant Wild Ginger is in charge of the food menu. The show runs now through October 31; Tickets range from $37 for standard-seating weeknight performances to $64 for premium seating on the weekend.

Sarah Anne Lloyd is a writer and lifelong Seattleite whose work has appeared in Seattle Met, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, KNKX, and others. She lives on the outskirts of West Seattle with her partner, an absolutely perfect dog, and six terrifying chickens. Follow her on Twitter at @sarahannelloyd.

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