The Washington Impalas Super Show @ Tacoma Dome

For lowriders by lowriders 🛞

📆 Saturday, June 22nd
🎟 Tickets start at $32.50

🕓 Starts at 11 am
📍Tacoma Dome: 2727 E D St, Tacoma

On June 22nd, Puget Sounders can check out some tricked-out lowrider cars at Impalas Magazine’s Washington Lowrider Super Show at the Tacoma Dome. (For the uninitiated, a lowrider is a car that rides low to the ground and is customized out the wazoo, with a vibrant custom paint job, a suped-up engine, decked-out rims, cush interiors, and hydraulics that make the vehicle bounce up and down.)

Lowrider culture emerged in the late 1940s among Mexican-American communities in southern California. Using money and knowledge gained from their service in World War II, these vets tweaked their cars to reflect themselves and their culture, with lowrider clubs becoming a source of social and political organizing during the Chicano Movement in the 1970s. Despite the California government’s attempt to ban lowriders, they soon spread to Mexican-American communities throughout the United States and beyond, and they are enduring symbols of Chicano culture

At the Lowrider Super Show, attendees can check out lowriders up close and personal—whether that be cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or “bombs” (tricked-out cars and trucks from the 1920s to 1950s). You’ll see a lot of Chevrolet Impalas, which are extremely popular within the lowrider community because of the car’s X-frame, which makes it easy to modify with hydraulics and sit lower to the ground. The show will also feature performances by Mr. Patron & Rush Wun, OG Spanky Loco, Wizeguy360, and more, as well as a meet and greet with actor Danny de la Paz from American Me and Boulevard Nights.

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Jas Keimig

Jas Keimig is an arts and culture writer in Seattle. Their work has previously appeared in The Stranger, i-D, Netflix, and Feast Portland. They won a game show once and have a thing for stickers.