TERMINATor @ Cherry Pit

See a concert inside a former grocery story 🛍️


October 21 • 7 pm

It’s pulpy, fleshy, and sweet. It’s a new Central District art and music space. It’s Cherry Pit

This spacious DIY venue inside a former grocery store has already hosted an extraterrestrial art installation and a hardcore show. It’s blessedly next door to Twilight Exit, cementing your pre-show drink plans. (No word on whether you can bring the dive bar’s iconic tater tots into the venue. We’ll report back.) And probably no show is a better fit to get you acquainted with the space than TERMINATor and its tour kickoff, happening this Friday.

The Seattle and New York-based three-piece band composed of Lauren Rodriguez, Albie, and Veronica Dye has pioneered a brand of rock planted firmly at the nexus of post-punk, no wave, and art rock. Last week, the band released its debut album, Placate Boring Flesh, a heady blend of mucky bass lines, spare guitar solos, and—surprisingly!—delicate lil flute riffs. It’s “a brash, inventive first full-length that promises more wonderful and weird subversions on the blighted horizon,” wrote Ticket contributor Dave Segal in his album review. The track “Papaya” is drowsily seductive with a plucky bass, while the dazzling and flute-heavy instrumental track “Hellhole” bleeds right into the droney “In Your Beak.” Wonderful and weird.

Seattle bands Great Spiders and Tissue will open. 

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Jas Keimig is an arts and culture writer in Seattle. Their work has previously appeared in The Stranger, i-D, Netflix, and Feast Portland. They won a game show once and have a thing for stickers.