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📸: Superorganism

October 15 • 8 pm

Superorganism isn’t your typical band. You’d probably guess that by listening to their most popular song, 2017’s “Something for your M.I.N.D.,” a hypnotic, hyper-pop collage of lo-fi beats and a medley of sounds (a bite into an apple, jangling keys, lots of whammy, foreign languages) all swimming under the lead singer’s deadpan vocals. Their second most popular song, “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” blends those same synth-heavy instrumentals with cash register cha-chings, cameras flashing, and the sound of a fizzy soda being cracked open and poured into a glass. 

The band started as an eight-member group. They were a medley in and of themselves, a collage of people from the U.S., Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The majority of the band initially met over the internet and began making music together remotely. The now five-member band just released their second album, “World Wide Pop,” in July. They initially targeted the end of 2019 to release the album, but after the world torpedoed into pandemic pandemonia, Superorganism decided to take their time. The result is a complex, very repeatable sophomore album. It scratches all your brain itches.

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Nathalie Graham

Nathalie is a writer focused on anything she finds weird or fun. Sometimes this includes local politics and the environment, sometimes this involves scootering half-nude in Tacoma. She used to work as a staff writer at The Stranger where she did a lot of that sort of thing. She detests dentists and loves costume parties.