Sumo + Sushi @ WAMU Theatre

Not your average Thanksgiving weekend 🍱

📆 Friday, November 24th – Sunday, November 26th
⏰ Various times
📍 WAMU Theater: 800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle
🎟 $75+

Sumo + Sushi is just as straightforward and entertaining as the title suggests. For a couple of nights in cities along the West Coast, crowds will convene to chow down on sushi as experienced, talented sumo wrestlers spar in the ring with one another and reveal the traditions of the 1,500-year-old sport. And during Thanksgiving weekend, the experience is coming to Seattle to teach us a thing or two about sumo. 

The evening is hosted by venerated Hawaiian retired wrestler Konishiki, the first non-Japanese wrestler to reach the status of ōzeki, the second-highest rank in sumo. He’ll preside over the event, educating the audience about sumo’s history, rules, and culture and answering crowd questions. It’s not an actual tournament, but there will be 12 live wrestling matches featuring six sumo wrestlers of different ranks: Tououyama, Somayama, Kirinowaka, Chiyonoshin, Ayanoumi, and Takagenji.

As for the sushi portion of the evening, Sumo + Sushi will enlist a local (and currently unannounced) sushi restaurant to provide bento boxes for the evening. There are several ticket options to choose from depending on how much you want to drop—you can get viewing-only tickets (starting around $75, depending on which day you go), get sushi and the show tickets (starting around $140), ball out with sushi and have front row seats (starting around $275) or watch the proceedings from the VIP Sky Suite (starting around $350). Dealer’s choice!


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Jas Keimig

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