Stress Positions @ Seattle International Film Festival 2024

The director will attend 💫

📸: Stress Positions | SIFF 2024

Stress Positions screens as part of Seattle International Film Festival 2024

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📆 Saturday, May 11th
⏰ 7:30 pm
📍 SIFF Cinema Uptown: 511 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle

📆 Sunday, May 12th
⏰ 3 pm
📍 SIFF Cinema Uptown: 511 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle

The summer of 2020 can feel like a lifetime ago, with its isolation and deep anxieties about the future. No piece of media has captured the unease and absurdity of that early pandemic era quite like Stress Positions, director and actor Theda Hammel‘s ridiculously chaotic comedy featuring the most repelling and funny queer characters I’ve ever seen onscreen. Terry (played by John Early from Search Party) is following a strict quarantine in his Brooklyn brownstone. He’s also going through a devastating breakup while simultaneously caring for his nephew Bahlul (Qaher Harhash), a Moroccan model with a broken leg. Terry’s friends are all trying to get a look at his hot nephew, so Terry keeps him hidden. But Terry’s bored bestie Karla (Hammel) soon inserts herself, mainly as an excuse to escape her suffocating marriage. Karla brings debauchery to this tranquil but stressful home. The characters clash over gender, COVID-19, the War on Terror, sex, and love while tripping and falling over themselves. (Early tries to move a giant disco ball down a flight of stairs in one scene, which is both harrowing and hilarious.) Stick around as director Theda Hammel will be in attendance.

USA | 2024 | 95 min. | Theda Hammel

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