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Published April 7, 2023

Too Late — You Missed It!

Tuesday, April 11th • 6 pm  SOLD OUT 

Back in 2019, Spiritbox were a fairly unknown up-and-coming band nestled up north in Victoria, BC. Founding members and husband/wife tag team Mike Stringer (guitar) and Courtney LaPlante (vocals) had a solid foundation in the extreme metal underground, gaining notoriety with their prior grindcore project Iwrestledabearonce. Without much of a buzz and a debut album set for release, Spiritbox lined up a promising tour opening for metalcore fan favorites After The Burial, the perfect gig for a band looking to get in some reps and gain new fans. 

Then 2020 happened. The tour was canceled, the album’s production was delayed, and things seemed to be at a standstill. That is until Jose Mangin and the crew at SiriusXM Liquid Metal started playing Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller” single. Quickly, the song became the most requested track for seven weeks in a row, and videos of vocalist Courtney LaPlante practicing her screams went viral. The band’s popularity was skyrocketing, but we were in the thick of a pandemic with no opportunities to see them play. As the world started to open up, Spiritbox made the most of their newfound success by hopping on tour as openers for heavy hitters Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage. 

Nowadays, with a full length and a couple EPs under their belt, Spiritbox is finally embarking on that tour with After the Burial, but this time around they’re the ones headlining each night.

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