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He wrote for Spongebob 🧽

📸: Georgio | Gersh Comedy

Saturday, July 29th • Two shows: 7 pm + 9:30 pm

The only thing typical about comedian Solomon Georgio is his move from Seattle to Los Angeles to kick his career into a higher gear. (Seattle, you’re good, but you just can’t compete with New York and LA.) Since his 2012 scenery shift, Georgio’s gone on to write for CrashingHigh FidelityShrillSpongebob Squarepants, and to release the excellent HomoNégro Superior album on Comedy Central Records. 

A Black, gay immigrant of Ethiopian descent, Georgio begins his act from a place of invulnerable pride that borders on arrogance—but he’s charming with it, thanks to a preternaturally calm demeanor, a million-dollar smile, and impeccable material. While self-deprecation is most comics’ lifeblood, Georgio wields self-aggrandizement like a lightsaber.

But his sets aren’t all about how swell he is, though he exploits plenty of humor from that subject. More often, Georgio fiercely and funnily punches up at homophobes, racists, straight people, Tinder, Tr*mp, and other deserving targets. He also riffs hilariously on the “gayest thing in the world,” which, of course, isn’t what you’d expect, and why sex shouldn’t last longer than an episode of Living Single.

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Dave Segal

Dave Segal

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