Snow White @ McCaw Hall

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Published March 16, 2023

A photo of a performance of Pacific Northwest Ballet's Snow White. Four of the seven dwarves stand around the sleeping Snow White, looking at each other in shock
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March 19th – 25th

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Easy: Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB), whose 50th anniversary season features a ballet adaptation of everyone’s favorite retold-by-Disney storySnow White. And the best part is? It’s just an hour. PNB calls it “a perfect introduction to ballet,” and I entirely agree. Too often I’ve caught myself endlessly scrolling on socials, my ability and desire to enjoy content depleting by the minute. Luckily, PNB provides us with the whole accessibly sized package.

For the Brothers Grimm’s Snow White, the seven dwarves may have been oldies, but not at PNB. The ballet version of Snow White is usually geared toward younger audiences, and this Snow White doubles down on that commitment. Put on by school students, the performance is the culmination of over 70 young dancers’ hard work and dedication. We’ll see the classic older dwarves (both funnily and ironically) but played by younger faces. 

The last time PNB put on this show was for their 2017 season, making its hiatus almost as long as Rihanna’s. So make sure to bring your best young-at-heart friend to one of the five shows—this matinee ballet accommodates everyone. (There’s a sensory-friendly performance on March 24th!) If you’ve ever wanted to step inside a fairytale, Snow White gives you the story, the magic, and significantly more graceful forest creatures than the Brothers Grimm.

📸: Courtesy Pacific Northwest Ballet | Photo by Lindsay Thomas

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