Seven Lions @ Tacoma Dome

Kicking off the tour in Tacoma 🚌

📸: Courtesy Seven Lions

Saturday, April 1st • 8 pm

The king of melodic dubstep is back and ready to take his throne the stage as he kicks off his Beyond the Veil tour at Tacoma Dome. 

Seven Lions has been making music since 2010, coming out with EPs remixes and singles since then, but his new Beyond the Veil album is his first studio album. The 12 original tracks include melodic dubstep, drum and bass, and a touch of house, tying it together to make his signature, inclusive sound. Whether it’s an upbeat track that causes you to grab your besties and dance, a heavy track that makes you want to break your neck, or something more reflective that somehow feels like a sunset, he creates a sound that suits a range of listeners.  

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Seven Lions lives in the Seattle area, so it seems right that he starts his tour in his own backyard. He’s teased tracks during some of his festival performances the past year, like “Imagine,” “EDC,” and “Fvded in the Park.” (And I know Chronicles at the Gorge got a few.) But this is the first time anyone is getting to see the production of Beyond the Veil live—it’s night one of a 38-date tour—but I heard about this proximity clause that guarantees bad vibes will not be present. So trek down to Tacoma and send off this hometown performer.

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