Renegade Edo and Paris @ Seattle Asian Art Museum

A golden age of graphic art 🌟

📸: Courtesy Seattle Art Museum

📅  July 21st – December 3rd
⏰ Friday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm
📍 Seattle Asian Art Museum: 1400 E Prospect St, Seattle

Picture Japanese art. Maybe Shin-hangaSumi-e, and Nihonga come to mind. With all these distinct styles floating around in there, you might not even think to compare it to French art. Well, Renegade Edo and Paris marks the first exhibition comparing the two at Seattle Asian Art Museum. Curated by Xiaojin Wu, this exhibition explores the “renegade spirit” and subversive, anti-establishment attitudes in 18th and 19th century Edo and 19th century France. Japanese ukiyo-e prints and the work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec will be displayed side by side.

Of the period highlighted by the exhibition, Wu says, “It’s so intriguing that the golden age of graphic art in both Edo and Paris came after a period of social and political turmoil.”

To get ready for your visit, here’s a sneak peek at the themes of Renegade Edo and Paris:

🖼️ Floating World in Edo & Bohemia in Paris: Set the scene with this intro to the development of each city’s outlook during each time period.
🖼️ Entertainment: Shitamachi & Montmartre: Discover the pastimes of each city: the kabuki theaters and teahouses of Edo and the cafés and cabarets of Paris.
🖼️ Pleasure Quarters: Explore the similarities—and key differences—in each city’s licensed brothel districts and the lives of their sex workers.
🖼️ Celebrity Culture: Learn about the rise in fame of actors, musicians, and performers that was a challenge to the aristocracy.


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