QTBIPOC Field Day @ Jefferson Park


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August 28 • 12-6 pm

There’s been lots of online organizing lately. A handful of fresh Seattle-based queer community groups formed on social media during the pandemic’s worst days—most notably Sapphic Seattle, a group that grew on TikTok and Instagram that now produces consistently sold-out ragers exclusively for queer women and sapphics. Sapphic Seattle has deservedly gotten press, but there are many other new groups, too, like Thaw, which throws socials “by QTBIPOC for QTBIPOC on Duwamish Land 🤟🏾.” Thaw’s main events are on the 2nd Thursday of every month at Still Liquor. They host additional one-off events, like this all-ages field day Sunday the 28th at Jefferson Park. Bring your picnic basket, snacks, and blankets, and get sporty before eating a bunch of meat (real and vegan). You don’t need to play the games to participate 😊


Chase Burns

Chase Burns is The Ticket’s editor. As a reporter, he’s covered everything from gay luchadores to chemical weapons to Isabella Rossellini’s favorite pets. Right now he’s really into the fruit sandwiches at Baiten in Capitol Hill.