Possession @ The Beacon Cinema

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📸: Possession

📆 Thursday, July 25th – Friday, July 26th
🎟 Tickets start at $12.50

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📍 Beacon Cinema: 4405 Rainier Ave S, Seattle

Since 2019, Seattle’s Beacon Cinema has brought weird, wonderful, boundary-pushing cinema to their corner of Rainier Avenue. In honor of their fifth birthday, the theater put together a program called The Ten Pillars of Beacon, featuring ten movies they screened in the last half-decade that speak to their programming ethos. For their ninth pillar—”A Woman Losing Her Mind”—the brains at The Beacon chose Andrzej Żuławski’s feel-bad masterpiece, Possession.

Set in West Berlin during the height of the Cold War, the film follows Mark (Sam Neill), a British spy returning from an assignment to find his wife Anna (Isabelle Adjani in one of cinema’s most horrifying performances) wants a divorce, leaving him custody of their son. As he spirals into heartbreak and desperately tries to track his wife and her lovers down, Anna’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and inexplicable, eventually revealing something nastier and even more terrifying than Mark could have ever imagined.

A potent blend of drama and body horror, Possession was banned in the United Kingdom and heavily edited in the United States upon its release. In the decades since, the movie has attained a vaunted cult status for its unflinching performances, intense atmosphere, relentless exploration of divorce and family disintegration, and all the weird goo. Just a heads up— bring a first date to this film at your own risk!

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