Paul Giamatti and Stephen Asma: Chinwag @ Town Hall Seattle

Open that third eye 👁️

📸: Chinwag

📆 Friday, May 17th
🎟 $25 – $125
📍 Town Hall Seattle: 1119 8th Ave, Seattle

Paul Giamatti is a venerated, Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor and — podcaster?

For those who may be out of the Paul Giamatti loop (you are forgiven), the actor co-hosts a podcast called Chinwag with philosopher and author Stephen Asma, diving headfirst into what they call “the wilderness of the mind.” And by that they mean conspiracy theories, ghost stories, oddities, esoterica, microdosing, cryptids, aliens, Satanism, and more. The origins of the podcast came from an e-mail correspondence the two struck up during the pandemic (Asma says Giamatti “reads voraciously and has a huge personal library”). Slowly, their written talk morphed into a recorded one, officially debuting last April. 

Because of Giamatti’s Hollywood connections, these conversations often include people he’s worked with or knows from The Industry. That’s how they get TOM HANKS (!!!!) to talk about ChatGPTJesse Eisenberg to go deep on Sasquatch, and Natasha Lyonne to explain quantum physics. It’s genuinely delightful! Giamatti and Asma are occasionally joined by paranormal experts like the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo (who gives them both readings!).

On May 16th in Seattle, Giamatti and Asma will be live and in the flesh at Town Hall, chinwagging away for the good people of the Emerald City. Join the duo as they record a live episode of their podcast and go deep into the occult, the unexplained, and the unknown

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