Naked Giants @ ALMA

High energy for all ages 🎸⚡

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February 18 • 8:00 pm

When I think of Naked Giants, I think of a YouTube comment left on a video of their 2017 live on KEXP performance: “Well look at that!! Kurt Cobain on guitar and Ezra Miller on bass.”

Ill-fated mention of Ezra Miller aside, the comment gets a chuckle from me while pointing out a truth about the Seattle-area trio: Naked Giants knows how to bring out big energy and transfer that into their crowd.

A Seattle-area staple since 2016, Naked Giants play their first hometown-ish show of 2023 at Tacoma’s ALMA venue on Saturday, February 18th. Don’t panic if you’re reading this and happen to be under 21—the venue is all ages, and tickets are only $15. High energy for all ages and budgets, what more can you ask for at a show?

Naked Giants’ music has been described as rock of the garagesludgepsych, and indie variety. I’m not sure which I agree with more, despite being an avid fan of theirs since their 2018 album SLUFF firsthit my earbuds. Their most recent projects, the 2020 album The Shadow and 2022 single “Pirate Radio Queen,” are fuzzy yet refined, cut with witty lyrics and precise timing and blending.

No matter their perceived subgenres or algorithm-motivated descriptors, concertgoers can expect a strong set, hopefully complete with extended versions of tracks like “Green Fuzz,” one commonly drawn out as an encore from its 9-minute run time.

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Joslin Keim

Joslin (they/them) is a journalist and photographer whose work focuses on exchanges of energy between artists and fans. They believe in quietly supporting the local music scene and treating people with kindness, always! Follow them on Instagram and TikTok.