Men I Trust @ The Showbox

Music to kiss your crush to 💋

The three leads of Men I Trust stand in front of a mountain peak
NOV 18

📸: Freakout Festival | Pearl Charles

Friday, November 18th • 7:30 pm

Slow, groovy, and psychedelic. Like if bedroom pop met the soundtrack of a 2010-era high school movie

Formed in 2014 with just three members, Men I Trust’s music felt special right off the bat, releasing songs with irresistible, funky basslines, electronic synths, and hazy, subdued vocals. The band’s first album Headroom laid the foundations for the recognizable sound they’re known for today. (Yes, even the operatic song “Introit.”)

In 2018, they debuted their most famous song, “Show Me How.” Catchy and dreamy with just the right amount of grooviness, it’s the kind of song you play in your head when imagining finally kissing your crush. Rapper Joey Bada$$ sampled it in his album 2000, helping to launch Men I Trust into the mainstream. The band later played massive festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza. 

More than just another bedroom pop band, Men I Trust has a hint of absurdity and humor. (They made a thirty-six-minute album masterpiece and called it Untourable Album.) It’s a band you have to experience live.

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