Men Aren’t Funny @ The Royal Room

When you need a break from the patriarchy 😮‍💨

📸: Stephanie Nam

Stop for a second and take a moment to check in with yourself. See how you’re doing and what you need. Maybe it’s stepping outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Or maybe it’s listening to your favorite music. Or maybe it’s a break from the patriarchy. And what better way to do it than at a comedy show called Men Aren’t Funny?

Produced by Stephanie Nam, a queer Korean-American comic—whose other live shows include: Just a PhaseModel Minority, and The Queer AgendaMen Aren’t Funny is a monthly stand-up show giving a stage to women and non-binary comedians. And Nam says it’s consistently sold out ever since its first show in November 2019. You can catch it every third Friday of the month at The Royal Room, a cozy, eclectic, and mildly goth-decorated bar and restaurant—which coincidentally also serves an amazing burger.

“The unfortunate reality is that women are consistently gatekept from comedy clubs, competitions, and festivals by men who still believe that women aren’t funny. This has happened to me and nearly every other woman that I know in comedy. It is not a thing of the past as many like to believe,” said Nam. Shows like Men Aren’t Funny, which focuses on the experiences of women and non-binary people and offers a safe place for these groups to decompress, feel necessary now more than ever.

Tickets to the event are on sale on Nam’s website and are on a $20-50 sliding scale—pay what you can. Proof of vaccinations is required and masks are encouraged at The Royal Room.

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Writer of The Ticket, Remi Frederick

Remi Frederick

Remi Frederick is a local journalist and a recent graduate of UWT, where she was the opinion editor for the UWT student newspaper. She lives with her cat, Sebastian, who is very fat and always scared.