Mary Poppins @ Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious classic 🎠

📸: Courtesy Walt Disney Studios | Mary Poppins

Tuesday, January 17th • 2 pm, 6 pm

While on a recent trip with my younger cousins, we found ourselves surfing through the (very few) hotel TV channels available when The Sound of Music popped up on the screen, starring Julie Andrews. There’s a 15-year-or-so gap between myself and my cousins, so while the movie was comfortable background noise to me, it was an attention grabber for them. They really liked the movie by the end of it, and it restored a little faith in humanity for me, knowing that new people were discovering the mid-20th-century movie musicals that captivated my childhood.

Luckily for my cousins, I’m a frequent visitor to their home of Bainbridge Island, so I’ll be expanding their movie musical education at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s showing of Mary Poppins on January 17th. The classic Disney film is magical and nostalgic and features a vibrant pastel color palette. It’s part of the art museum’s smART film series, which screens movies in the museum’s Frank Buxton Auditorium every Tuesday afternoon and evening. The series regularly runs a new theme, with the current theme being “Mentors.” With the right snacks, I think my cousins and I will enjoy our jolly holiday with Mary Poppins a lot.

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YouTube video


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