Mariners “Bark at the Park” Value Games @ T-Mobile Park

Catch the “Simba Cam” 🦁

📸: Mariners

Published July 31st | Updated September 7th

🐕 Thursday, May 25th vs. Oakland Athletics
🐕 Monday, July 17th vs. Minnesota Twins
🐕 Wednesday, August 9th vs. San Diego Padres
Monday, September 11th vs. Los Angeles Angels
🎟️ Special ticket info here

Is your dog a diva? Does Spot deserve the spotlight? There’s no need to get your canine a job as a content creator—just imagine your pooch on the jumbotron at a Mariners game. At the Mariners’ “Bark at the Park” events, T-Mobile Park opens the stadium to fans and their furry friends via “dog pack” tickets. Crucially, your pup can make a star appearance on the park’s special “Simba Cam,” where your dog’s superstar fantasies will come true. Or yours.  

@theticketsea Wuff? Wuff 🐶 Two more Bark in the Parks this year at T Mobile Park: Wednesday, August 9th vs. San Diego Padres and Monday, September 11th vs. Los Angeles Angels 🐾 @Seattle Mariners ♬ sonido original – canciones

Tickets to one of these value games allow one dog and its accompanying hooman the chance to have a pawsitively fantastic night. Make it a Seattle playdate, and invite all your DINKWAD (Double Income, No Kids, With a Dog) friends and their four-legged little ones. With entry, you can score some exclusive Bark at the Park swag. You can also circle the base with your dog after the game—talk about taking the dog for a run

And if you’re like someone I know who doesn’t have a dog, you can get a human-only ticket to any of these games and enjoy everyone else’s pups.


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