Luminator, Green Water, and Toxic Reign @ The Kraken Bar (RIP)

For the headbangers 🤘

📸: Courtesy Luminator

Friday, February 24th • 8 pm

After 12 jam-packed years serving as Seattle’s favorite pirate-themed punk rock dive bar, The Kraken will close its doors (of this first location, at least) in early March. Like many venues and independent businesses, this longtime U District scene staple is the victim of development and new ownership. (The Kraken made headlines back in 2021, suing the Seattle Kraken hockey team after the 32nd NHL team announced plans to name their bar, now known as 32 Bar & Grill, the Kraken Bar & Grill.) But we still have a few weeks left of some pretty stacked shows that are sure to be rowdy, drunken, and certainly loud as hell

This one here is for the headbangers, with three killer Northwest metal bands. If Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons is your thing, stay late for the epic power metal stylings of Luminator. Their five-song debut EP On the Clouds serves up just the right amount of cheese alongside the Malmsteen-esque guitar solos and dragon imagery. Things will definitely slow down a bit as Tacoma band Green Water bring bongloads of crunchy, stomping stoner rock jams. Show up on time and you’ll be transported back to the “Hellfire Club” as thrash band Toxic Reign serves up Metallica-esque circle pit anthems by the riff load.

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Kevin Diers

Kevin Diers is a freelance writer and radio host who lives in Seattle. You can listen to him on both Metal Shop and Loud and Local on 99.9 KISW or catch him interviewing wrestlers at the next DEFY show.