Luminata @ Green Lake

Hello moon 🥲

📸:  Fremont Arts Council

Saturday, September 24th • 6 pm, 7:30 pm opening ceremony

sweet, ethereal goodbye to another all-too-quick summer awaits at Luminata, Fremont Arts Council’s lantern parade on Green Lake. This celebration of the autumnal equinox—one of two times a year when globally, day and night are of equal length—takes a lighthearted approach to the beginning of longer, darker nights with an illuminated procession: neon jellyfish umbrellas, kayaks festooned with string lights, and glowing butterfly capes were all spotted alongside multicolored spheres, bright swans and handsome herons in years past. 

BYOL to carry, or purchase a handmade creation at the Lantern Shoppe starting at 6 pm. At 7:30 pm, an opening ceremony begins at the Green Lake Aqua Theater. From there, follow the lead band along the west side of the lake. The parade will end in the meadow south of the Seattle Public Theater. A luminous art display continues just north. Use this as an opportunity to slow down, walk mindfully, and set an intention for the new season.

For the full equinox experience, you should make your own glowing orb: attend a *FREE* lantern workshop between August 30-September 22 at the Fremont Powerhouse (3940 Fremont Ave). In return, the Arts Council asks that you support their programming and pay it forward by making two additional lanterns for them to sell at the Lantern Shoppe. Grants are available for artists with a bigger, dreamier vision in mind.

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Meghna Jaradi

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