Lightweight Champion @ Barboza

Some folk to beat the winter doldrums 🎹

📸: Courtesy Lightweight Champion

Wednesday, January 25th • 7 pm

Few people know this, but the doldrums of winter and folk music resonate at the same frequency. This is why the only salve for months of gloom is a little bit of acoustic guitar, a lead singer with a tendency for twang, and lyrics full of longing. Luckily, Barboza has just the line-up for those of us who need folk to function. 

On Wednesday, Lightweight ChampionSerafima + the Shakedowns, and Frankie Beach, all relatively new to the Seattle music scene, will take the stage for a night of country-adjacent moodiness. 

Lightweight Champion, an alt-country, indie-rock band with a Wilco-like twang, headlines this acoustic-heavy line-up. Their debut single “Cowboys” strikes a chord in my heart. It’s at the same time brand new and rife with nostalgia. Sigh. That’s folk, man. The band says they will debut their brand new single “Daisy” at the Barboza show. Get ready, existing and future groupies

If you’re there for the openers, you’ll be treated to Serafima + the Shakedowns, who bring a kind of new age-y bluegrass take on the country genre. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but Serafima + the Shakedowns are making it one. And you’ll hear Frankie Beach, a dreamy crooner taking inspiration from the dankness and darkness of the Seattle winter. 

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