KUOW’s Year in Review @ Nesholm Family Lecture Hall

The last 365 days have been a blur 😵

Bill Radke poses for Year in Review poster
DEC 15

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Thursday, December 15 • 7 pm

If you’re a tote bag-wearing, public radio-supporting, local news aficionado, I’ve got the perfect event for you: KUOW’s “Year in Review.” You may know KUOW’s “Week in Review” as the hour-long Friday show hosted by Bill Radke and several local journalists to catch Seattle up on everything that went down in the last seven days. “Year in Review” is a similar concept with a much broader scope. During this live show, Radke and local reporters, personalities, and experts who listen to the streets will discuss the notable moments of the last 365 days.

This is a good way to process a month of wildfires, the Mariners playoff rollercoaster, plane crashes over Snohomish County, political wins and losses, and so much more. “Year in Review” rewards those who stay informed year-round, but also lets those of us who maybe slacked off a bit in the whole “endless news cycle” to catch up, digest, and feel connected with our larger community. Cause that’s what news is at the end of the day, right? A way to stay in touch and understand the world we live in.

This year’s “Year in Review” guests will include KUOW’s arts and culture reporter Mike Davis, local science freelancer Jane C. Hu, Insider’s Seattle tech reporter Katherine Long. Radke and friends will chat with Congresswoman-elect Marie GluesenkampPerez, former state Republican chair Chris Vance, and the Kraken fan who noticed a cancerous mole on one of the hockey staffers. “Year in Review” will also include listener stories about what made them smile this year. You can leave a voicemail at 206-616-3248 with your smile-worthy stories. I will be contributing several stories about my cat


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