Kodomo No Hi @ Japanese Cultural & Community Center

This day's for the kiddos 🎏

Published April 28, 2023

A mother and child stand in front of a kiddie pool filled with water and floating mini balloons.
Too Late — You Missed It!

Saturday, May 6th • 11 am – 5 pm

A celebration of family, culture, and the growth and health of the next generation, Kodomo no Hi, or Children’s Day, is a Japanese holiday that pays respect to children. When was the last time you picked up a kite and ran around in a field? Or perhaps just let everything go and doodled for the heck of it? Well, Kodomo no Hi at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center is your chance—reconnect with your silly side and celebrate Japanese children’s culture. In Japan, families typically decorate their homes with carp-shaped streamers to symbolize parents’ wishes for their children to grow up healthy and strong, Kintaro dolls, Kabuto helmets, irises, and more.

Over here though, you can experience Japanese and Japanese American culture through art, music, performances, and history, from yo-yo tsuri to children’s presentations of maneki-neko, to delicious Japanese curry. The theme this year is the four seasons, so expect to learn all about the seasonal Japanese holidays like Tanabata (Star Festival) or Hinamatsuri (Dolls Day). Other activities promised on their website are radio taiso (exercise), spinning top-making, martial arts demonstrations, live music performances, and even a children’s yukata fashion show. Best of all… it’s all free.

And just FYI, they’re also in need of volunteers—which you can sign up for here. 

📸: Courtesy Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington

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