Kindred Watch Party @ Loving Room

Read the book, too ‼️

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Tuesday, January 3rd Doors @ 6:45 pm (FREE!)

If you’re like me, your New Year’s Resolutions include things like “read more,” “make your bed every day,” and “analyze the television adaptations of your favorite books in a room full of thoughtful people.” Luckily, a Seattle event can help you cross two of those off your list. 

Loving Room: Diaspora Books + Salon is a Black femme-owned cultural space dedicated to cultivating connection and conversation among Black readers. They’ve been hosting watch parties and discussions for the new Hulu adaptation of Octavia Butler’s Kindred. The story follows a 1976-era Black woman who is suddenly pulled back in time to the Antebellum South. Butler paints a gut-wrenchingly accurate portrayal of slave life and how it portrays our protagonist, who must find a way to survive until she can return to her own time. If you still need to read the book, do so immediately. 

The Hulu adaptation makes some big changes to this book which I’m sure this #Blacklit Dialogue will have a lot to say about. I’m a book-over-movie person through and through so I’ll have to recommend you read it before you watch. The good thing is once you sit down with Kindred, you’ll pretty much have to read it all in one sitting. (Hot tip: You can buy the book through Loving Room’s bookshop.) This January 3rd watch party will include the final two episodes of season 1 of Kindred, which only spans about a third of the book. Make sure you register if you plan to attend to ensure there’s space for you in the Loving Room’s living room.

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