Now Open: Kedai Makan in Capitol Hill

New location, same neighborhood 😍

📸: Courtesy Kedai Makan

New location @ 1449 E Pine St

It was the fall of 2022 when Alysson Wilson and Kevin Burzell, former owners of the Capitol Hill Malaysian restaurant Kedai Makan, brought the sad news to their Instagram followers that they’d close up the shop at the end of October. Crying emojis were shed. I was sad. My neighbors were sad. If I had a cat, my cat would’ve been sad. But good things must come to an end.

JK 😊

Kedai Makan is back in business, baby, although under new owners, Lucy and Joe Ye from Hangry Panda. You don’t have to cry about their killer Nasi Goreng being gone, because it’s here to stay. And there’s no need to feel empty inside; you can be filled with Laksa Lemak once more. They’re also bringing in new stuff, like a boozy coconut shake. And the place remains packed, so this is your spot if you’re feeling lonely.

The new owners have relocated the restaurant to 15th Ave and Pine. Compared to the old location, this new one is a mansion, meaning more seating and less waiting (everyone who’s been to Kedai knows the struggle). Some changes, of course, to the old format, but it’s nothing to be mad about. Still bussin’, reliable, delicious Malaysian food.

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