Hand Habits @ Tractor Tavern

Grab a beer to cry into 🥲

📸: Hand Habits | Photo by Ivanna Baranova

Tuesday, June 20th • 9 pm

Hand Habits, the project of musician Meg Duffy, is a sonic treat. 

Fun House, Duffy’s latest record, is full of guitar and harmonies, produced by Sasami Ashworth (Sasami) and engineered by Kyle Thomas (King Tuff). Sasami and King Tuff are sonically different from Duffy’s previous music, and their harder style is present in Fun House. 

The trio created the record out of friendship and collaboration while living together in LA and running a studio out of their basement. Duffy cites the album as the result of deep self-reflection, self-awareness, and conversation with their trans identity. This complex process of uncovering reverberates through Fun House. And in a post about this West Coast tour, Duffy assured fans that “we’re going to laugh and cry and sing and dance together, and the show doesn’t really work without you.” 

Gregory Uhlmann joins Hand Habits on this bill. Ulhmann is a Los Angeles-based guitarist, composer, songwriter, and producer. Again and Again, Ulhmann’s latest record, released in April, presents a rhythmically interesting album that lets Ulhmann’s tender voice shine. Both Hand Habits and Ulhmann cultivate a warmth that can almost mask life’s biting aspects. This element alludes to the chipper blues of country music—and it fits right in at The Tractor Tavern. Grab a beer to cry into.

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Miranda Hardy

Miranda is a Seattle-based writer, musician, and gal about town. You can find her at the library, your local bar’s karaoke night, and staring longingly at the Ballard Locks. Don’t ask her about AI, pop music, or why she loves Seattle because you’ll never get your ear back.