Dreamdecay @ The Vera Project

All ages🤘

📸: Courtesy Dreamdecay

Friday, June 16th  7 pm 

It’s always great to see Dreamdecay pop up on a local bill. The Seattle four-piece has only played a few local shows over the past couple years and will be taking the stage at The Vera Project for an all-ages show along with Chicago post-punks FACS and LA avant-pop group Dummy.

Dreamdecay are an innovative force, combining elements of psychedelianoise, and punk rock. Their songs have an intense heaviness, with discordant guitars and blurred but sharp vocals. The band’s last album, 2017’s , features songs like “Ian,” which builds with controlled tension until it breaks into a raucous wall of sound. Similarly, songs like “F.R.A.N.K.” move like a fast and thick wave—cresting and crashing into a pool of heavy guitars, finally washing to shore with a scaled-down riff and vocals almost fading into the distance.

In an interview with KEXP last year, drummer/vocalist Justin Gallego mentioned that the band was finishing up a record, which hopefully means we’ll get to hear some new tunes and see them pop up around town more.

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