Double Mailbox Fundraiser @ Mailbox Peak

Do it for the gays 🥾

📸: Courtesy Queer Mountaineers

Having been founded last year in June 2022, the Queer Mountaineers group is just a ✨baby✨, but it’s growing really, really, really fast. And on March 11th, the Queer Mountaineers group is partnering with the people behind A Higher Calling and Punk Rock Climbers to raise some coins.

Wanna prep that booty for the summer? Do a back-to-back fundraising hike to Mailbox Peak! It’s gonna be 19 miles and a total of 8,000 ft. of elevation roundtrip—I know that sounds like a lot, but no pressure, you can do a single hike (9.5 miles and 4,000 ft. of elevation round trip) instead if the double hike is too much for you (because it is for me). Whatever distance you cover, remember, you’re doing it for the gays. 

There will be people at 7 am by the trailhead, where you can donate and sign up for the hike, but you don’t have to be there on time. I know, it’s nice to be surrounded by queer people, but we don’t want to oversaturate the trail with our goodness, so the group advises to arrive on your own time.

Queer Mountaineers have big ambitions for the outdoors queer community. Having enough money to provide outdoor climbing workshops and scholarship spots on big climbs specifically catering to the queer community would be super chill. Can’t make it to the hike? You still can donate here. Just don’t let this flop, bestie. 

P.S. There might still be snow on the trail, so prepare for that. 😉

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