Dazy & Alien Boy @ The Vera Project

Always all ages 😊

📸: Courtesy Alien Boy

Hot take but I love rock ‘n roll and this show at The Vera Project will rock and roll all nite. The show marks the beginning of a tour between Richmond-based Dazy and Portland-based Alien Boy that runs down the West Coast. Local support for the show comes from TV Star and New You.

Dazy is the project of James Goodson, and Alien Boy is a self-proclaimed “loud gay band from rip city.” (They really are a loud gay band.) Alien Boy’s latest release, Don’t Know What I Am (Reprise), departs from their softer songs and is in conversation with their 2022 release, Don’t Know What I Am. Alien Boy recently announced they’re working on a new record, and I’m highly anticipating it.

As for the local acts, get plugged into the psych-rock world of TV Star. They recently released a video for their new single “Song 159,” a breezy jam fit for a brisk walk. The VHS quality video is consistent with their signature lo-fi visual style. TV Star also announced their second West Coast tour, coming in February. New You is new to me, but their riff heavy songs will probably capture you and inspire some head-bopping.

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