Crank the Dank 3 @ The Substation

Spend 4/20 riffing 🤘

📸: Courtesy Substation

Thursday, April 20th • 4 pm – 2 am 

w/ Torpedo, Dank, CloudStone, Hexecutioner, Tigers on Opium, DarkMysticWoods, Wyoming young and strong, Regretski, Sorcia, Of the Heavy Sun, Male//Gaze, Serial Hawk, Dream Circuit, Pastel Motel, Waiting in the Willows, Pink Boa, Born Without Blood

Whether you’re packing a bowl, lighting a joint, smoking a blunt, or eating a special brownie, Seattle tokers can spend their precious 4/20 holiday gathering for an all-day celebration of the mighty riff. 

For the third year in a row, Northwest stoner metal wizards Dank have booked a massive lineup for the appropriately titled Dank Fest. If you’re already planning on taking off work to partake in a day-long celebration of brain cell destruction, you might as well mosey on over to the Substation to check out 17 different bands blasting your eardrums for ten straight hours of sonic amplifier therapy

A wide variety of heaviness is represented with this lineup. From the crushing death metal of Born Without Blood to the Southern-rock inspired sludge of Sorcia and the killer noise rock from Switzerland band Torpedo, the full spectrum of LOUD is represented here. Make sure you catch the 70’s glam rock-inspired locals Pink Boa and the catchy psychedelic rock stylings from Of The Heavy Sun. If you can only make it for one band, though, go out of your way to see the crew that made this all happen and let Emerald City doomsters Dank melt your mind into mush. 

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Kevin Diers

Kevin Diers is a freelance writer and radio host who lives in Seattle. You can listen to him on both Metal Shop and Loud and Local on 99.9 KISW or catch him interviewing wrestlers at the next DEFY show.