Collide-O-Scope 13th Anniversary @ Here-After

13 isn’t always unlucky ✨

📸: Courtesy Collide-O-Scope Seattle

Monday, January 9th • 8 pm

Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson began by editing film clips together in those dark days of VCR-to-VCR dubbing for their own amusement. They graduated to public access TV, then were tapped to host regular evenings of their weird and wonderful filmic creations at the late lamented club Re-bar. Thus was Collide-O-Scope unveiled in January 2010, complete with complimentary snacks (Red Vines, popcorn, animal crackers), drawings for fab prizes, and Wahlund and Anderson’s pithy commentary. 

The COVID pandemic put live shows on hold (though Collide action continued online via YouTube and now Twitch), and then Re-bar shuttered, necessitating finding another venue. And having now settled comfortably into their new home at Here-After, the 100-seat space in the newly relocated Crocodile club, the Collide guys are ready to kick off their thirteenth year in fine style.  

 Expect the unexpected at a Collide-O-Scope show: vintage commercials, re-edited music videos, dance routines from long-forgotten TV specials, a cult film distilled to its most essential 20 minutes. “We use the stuff that makes us laugh, or shocks us, or stuff that seems to take on new meaning when juxtaposed with seeming incongruent material,” says Anderson. “We look for moments. Moments that make you feel something. Then mixing up those moments into something that takes on its own life.” 

Anderson wouldn’t reveal what surprises may be in store for the 13th anniversary show, aside from promising “something that will entertain you and make you laugh more than anything,” and plenty of prize giveaways. He also hinted at “exciting special shows” coming up in the new year. Tips: Entrance to Here-After is in the alley, and if you arrive when doors open at 7 pm, there’s an hour of pre-show film clips. Here’s to the next thirteen years!


Gillian Gaar

Gillian G. Gaar

Gillian G. Gaar is a Seattle-based journalist and the author of several books, including She’s A Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll and Entertain Us: The Rise of Nirvana. Twitter: @GillianGaar