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Published June 20, 2023

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Friday, June 30th • 7 pm

It’s safe to say Chrome Lakes took a bit of an L back in 2020. Just weeks after we had all locked down and started practicing social distancing, singing songs while washing our hands and binging anything worth a damn on Netflix, the Seattle band dropped their album, Real Silence. Without the ability to tour or even play local shows in support of the record, it’s obvious they got back to work on writing more material, as just three years later they are releasing a brand-new EP called Besides

Unlike 2020, though, this time there will be a full-on celebration of their efforts with a stacked lineup of like-minded Northwest heavy rock bands. If you dig the epic clean-singing on the new Witch Ripper album The Flight After The Fall, you’re in for a treat here. The guy who belts out those hooks is none other than Chad Fox, lead vocalist for Chrome Lakes. They play the sort of powerful, melodic, post-hardcore noise rock that allows them to fit on bills with indie rock or heavy metal. Joining them for the record release show is a distortion-drenched Portland power trio called Snailbones and the excellent Seattle newcomers Future Tense who just dropped a stellar 8-song self-titled album that packs a heavy punch while remaining catchy and fun.

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