Choral Evensong @ Epiphany Seattle

Reset, refresh, and recenter 😌

📸: Epiphany Seattle

Sundays & Thursdays • 5:30 pm

Refresh your soul at Choral Evensong, a timeless candlelit service built around the ancient practice of evening prayer first developed in the patterned life of monastic communities. This sequence of readings and music (called liturgy) was refined over centuries in English cathedrals, once the cultural and spiritual hub of communities. Evensong at Epiphany is a rejuvenating opportunity to step into this centuries-old tradition to reset, refresh and recenter with peace and gratitude at the end of a busy day.

Evensong is a 30-minute service led by the Epiphany choir every Sunday and Thursday at 5:30 pm, followed by free wine and refreshments on Sundays. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you’re free to join in or just listen—whatever feels most comfortable for you.

The structure of the service doesn’t change, but the musical repertoire is different every week. And while rooted in ancient practices and texts, Evensong is an alternative to the traditional church service with a sermon, encouraging participants of all backgrounds to be curious about their personal spirituality. So come open your heart and mind through the deeply human connection of voice and song.


Epiphany Seattle

Epiphany Seattle is an Episcopal Church founded in 1907. Today, Epiphany continues to be a neighborhood church for the whole city, meeting the deeply human needs for connection through community, music and arts, and the example of Jesus Christ.