Broadway Rave @ The Crocodile

Major theatre kid energy 🎵🎭

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Saturday, April 22nd • 10 pm

Every theatre kid knows the energy of a post-show-closing dinner. Whether at a Denny’s, Shari’s, or IHOP, the combination of late-night breakfast food, annoyed waiters, and cakey stage makeup makes for quite the wrap-up to a production. The dinner itself could be considered its own chaotic production, complete with a sort of liminal energy. The theatre kids are running around everywhere in the restaurant. That restaurant scene plays out regularly at diners near high school theatre departments across the nation. 

Teenage shenanigans in a 21+ liminal space—that’s the energy I expect at The Crocodile’s upcoming Broadway Rave. It’s one of the handful of dance parties on The Croc’s April calendar, though one that piques interest immediately because “broadway” and “rave” don’t inherently go together. The event itself is a dance party traveling across North America, labeling itself as “the most popular Broadway dance party around,” according to their website. Attendees can expect Broadway classics and hits alike, all for $20. Pretend you’re that high school kid at a Shari’s post-show dinner and rave the night away

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Joslin Keim

Joslin (they/them) is a journalist and photographer whose work focuses on exchanges of energy between artists and fans. They believe in quietly supporting the local music scene and treating people with kindness, always! Follow them on Instagram and TikTok.