Bluey’s Big Play @ The Paramount Theatre

Move over, Peppa Pig 🐽

📸: Bluey’s Big Play

📆 Saturday, January 20th & Sunday, January 21st
🎟 $25+
📍 The Paramount Theatre: 911 Pine St, Seattle

The Australian animated character Bluey is coming up from Down Under to take to US stages in this theatrical adaptation of her popular show. The play, written by Bluey creator Joe Brumm, brings to life the titular Blue Heeler, her father Bandit, mother Chilli, and lil sis Bingo. And, of course, it’ll capture her adventures with all her pals—like Pom Pom, the small but mighty Pomeranian, and Indy, the free-spirited Afghan Hound with a sensitive stomach.

Bluey quickly became a hit after its premiere in 2018, winning an Emmy and capturing the admiration of kids and adults, with people praising its 2D animation, engaging musical score, and realistic portrayal of family life. The show focuses on imaginative play and encourages curiosity, which is a lesson for all ages. Its theatrical adaptation harnesses the story and sounds from the screen—then combines them with puppets. But these aren’t ordinary puppets. Think human-sized plushies that bound around the stage, dancing, playing, and crowd-engaging. (Yes, there are interactive elements!!) 

You don’t need to be a Bluey aficionado to enjoy the show, though one reviewer suggested watching the “Onesies” episode beforehand for some backstory. 

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Patheresa Wells

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