A Special Fillet-O-Fish @ Lil Woody’s

It's the end of Seattle Seafood Month 🍞🐟🍞

Published August 26, 2022

A sandwich with Beer-Battered Alaskan Pollock, pickle-ly tartar sauce, shredded lettuce, American cheese on a Lil Woody’s bun
Aug 30 –
Sept 5
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My Achilles’ heel is the special weekly burgers at Lil Woody’s. The local burger chain invites chefs to do their own spins on burgers, occasionally throwing extra-special months like their “Seattle Seafood Month,” which happens in August. (They’ve also got Fast Food Month, Dessert Month, etc etc.) So far this month, Tom Douglas made a “Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Burger,” Terrell Jackson served a “Catfish Corner Signature Sandwich,” George Hofgren brought a “Frank’s Fried Oyster Sandwich,” and Jonathan Ragsdale sizzled up a “Surf and Turf Burger.”

This final week’s burger is a freaking Fillet-O-Fish: beer-battered Alaskan Pollock, “pickle-y” tartar sauce, shredded lettuce, and American cheese on a Lil Woody’s bun. Chef Cory Alfano, of Lil Woody’s, created the sandwich. He worked all around the city—Sea Monster Lounge, Atlas Foods, Sand Point Country Club—before settling into his role at the local burger chain. He confirms this sandwich’s inspiration came from McDonald’s: “Our Fillet-O-Fish offers a new take on a classic sandwich. The cod is coated in a Rainier Beer batter and is really crispy.” How much more do I have to sell this thing? It’s obviously delicious. Grab a joint on your way to Mr. Woody’s and make it an evening.

Pick up your fish sandwich at one of Lil Woody’s locations this week.

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