$4 Food Walk 2022 @ The University District

Mini pretzels, mini samosas, mini bagels 🥯

📸: Alabastro Photography

Saturday, October 1 • 11 am – 10 pm

My favorite type of walk is a food walk, which is a walk that happens while you eat food. The University District hosts one this Saturday. Around 60 places will offer $4 snacks, and you get to walk and eat, then walk again and eat again until you get tired. The lines can get long, so bring a friend.

A few of the snacks: Westman’s Bagel and Coffee will offer a $4 mini carrot lox bagel. Cedars will have vegetable samosas. There are mini pretzels and beer cheese over at Shultzy’s. Oh Bear Cafe and Teahouse will cook up red bean croissant taiyaki. And then, after 6 pm, an “After Hours” menu starts and you can get $4 drink specials from participating bars. There will also be a street party and a breakdancing competition.

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Chase Burns

Chase Burns is The Ticket’s editor. As a reporter, he’s covered everything from gay luchadores to chemical weapons to Isabella Rossellini’s favorite pets. Right now he’s really into the fruit sandwiches at Baiten in Capitol Hill.