2023 TRANSlations Film Fest @ Columbia City theaters

TRANSlations turns 18 🥳

Published April 28, 2023

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Too Late — You Missed It!

May 4th – 7th

TRANSlations Film Festival is taking over Columbia City on May 5th and 6th to celebrate “TRANS THROUGH TIME,” a theme recognizing that “trans folks have always been here and always will be.” Returning for its 18th year (HBD), films will examine the history and vastness of trans experiences. 

Presented by Seattle’s LGBTQ+ film hub, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, this festival includes feature films, shorts, and events. Some highlights include Tea Time with the Duchess Ava Davis, a filmmaker networking hour, and TRANSlations’  opening night celebration where the inaugural Trailblazer Award will be bestowed to Filipina filmmaker and actress Isabel Sandoval. She will also screen her films Shangri-La and Lingua Franca the next day.

Held as a hybrid affair, you can watch in-person at Ark Lodge Cinemas and The Beacon Cinema or stream virtually May 4th through the 7th—sliding scale tickets are also available. A full film guide can be found on the Three Dollar Bill Cinema site, but below are some movies not to miss: 

🎥 Something You Said Last Night is a drama that deals with family dynamics. Ren, a transgender woman in her 20s, navigates vacation with her parents and sibling as she works to establish autonomy.

🎥 Part of the BODY-ODY-ODY shorts block, The Alexander Ball is a documentary that follows the Meanjin ballroom scene in Australia, and carries on the legacy by honoring the self-expression of these Indigenous performers. 

🎥 Reckless Spirits from Seattle director Vee Hua is an animated metaphysical POC buddy comedy. Yvette, a neurotic Asian American therapist, and Syd, a gender-fluid Latine performance artist dive into the world of chakras, spirits, and cult leader fanaticism. 

🎥 Summer Within is about investigating one’s transcestry. In it, Summer Minerva travels to Italy to research her roots, which leads to knowledge about the Femminielli, part of her ancient queer lineage. The film links identity and existence, exploring trans past, present, and future. 

📸: Courtesy TRANSlations | Short by Joseph Amenta

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