Yves Tumor @ Seattle Showbox

It’s gonna be rapturous 🙌

📸: Courtesy Yves Tumor

Saturday, May 20th • 9 pm

Yves Tumor is one of contemporary music’s greatest rockstars (IMO). The Los Angeles-based musician certainly looks the part—they routinely dress like a glam rocker or goth, effortlessly blending the masculine and feminine. And Tumor’s music absolutely fits the bill. Their discography is not only composed of face-melting, psychedelic guitar riffs big enough to fill the stadium but also more experimental and electronic tracks that push Tumor outside the mainstream. But, to me, what makes Tumor a rock star is their mystery. Over the past five years, they’ve only given a handful of interviews about their life and their process. In an era where information and access are so readily available, cultivating a genuine air of intrigue is the coolest thing you could do. 

Tumor’s most recent offering, Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) embodies so much of what makes the musician one of the best in the game. Praise a Lord Who Chews explores sexuality, love, and relationships, with bass-forward, throbbing tracks like “Echolalia” where Tumor whispers their desire for their lover. “Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood” featuring exploding guitar riffs and percussion has Tumor almost threateningly sing, “Sweet boy / You know you look just like your mother.” With its ecstatic heights and sensual depths, the record is a gorgeous addition to Tumor’s already excellent body of work. And at their Showbox Sodo show, New York indie rock band Pretty Sick and experimental musician, Evanora Unlimited are on opening duties. It’ll be a rapturous night of music. 

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