XFL Seattle Sea Dragons vs. Battlehawks

Thanks, Dwayne 🐉

📸: Courtesy XFL | Seattle Sea Dragons

Thursday, February 23rd  6 pm

After multiple unsuccessful attempts at making the “Xtreme Football League,” an alternative to the NFL, the XFL is back for another season. The Seattle team, the Sea Dragons, will play their home opener against the St. Louis Battlehawks on February 23rd at Lumen Field.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the XFL. As potentially the most cursed sports league, the XFL has never survived a year without turmoil. Yet, it can’t be killed. In its first iteration in 2001, the XFL was imagined by World Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon as a raunchier, more extreme, more brutal football. Instead of a punt return, games would start with both teams scrambling for the ball. It didn’t make it past 2001. Maybe America wasn’t ready for the XFL, or maybe it just had bad timing. (Its original season was in the months before 9/11.)

That bad timing continued in February 2020 when the XFL relaunched after a 19-year absence, slightly tamer and more family-friendly, yet still faster-paced than typical football. The league only played about half of its games before the COVID-19 pandemic really hit the US. And now, three years later, the XFL is back for round three. In its absence, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bought the XFL out of bankruptcy, and the Seattle XFL team rebranded from the Dragons to the Sea Dragons

Something important to flag: With tickets starting at $20 each, the XFL may be the most affordable sporting event in Seattle. They’re practically begging you to become a Sea Dragons fan. 

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