The Best Bar in Seattle to Watch the Women’s World Cup Final Live

We’ll miss you, USWNT 🥲

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Originally published July 30th | Updated on August 18th

⚽ Final game: Sunday, August 20th @ … 3 am PST 🥴 (LATE-NIGHT GAME!)

Will Spain or England join the US, Norway, Japan, and Germany as Women’s World Cup winners?

While the United States women’s national soccer team’s (USWNT) World Cup run has sadly ended, there’s still one final match to take us across the finish line.

Many of us hoped for the fairytale run of co-hosts Australia to continue, but the Matildas couldn’t overcome the ruthless efficiency of the Lionesses even after Sam Kerr’s heroics. (Was all that gibberish? Catch up with this recap over on the Seattle Times.) Nevertheless, this Women’s World Cup Final is worth the watch—even if this is the first time since 2007 that the championship game has not featured either the United States or Japan.

England are the favorites to win the tournament but don’t count out the Spanish, who have made it to this cup’s final in only their third Women’s World Cup appearance. No matter the outcome, it’s an exciting time for women’s soccer as we’re about to crown a new world champion

⚽ BallardRough & Tumble Pub | 5309 22nd Ave NW Top Floor, Seattle | (206) 737-7687
⏰ LIVE: Doors re-open on Sunday, August 20th at 2:30 am, kickoff at 3 am

The most reliable place to watch is still Rough & Tumble Pub in Ballard. The pub screened every USA game live, regardless of time, and they played this week’s semi-finals live at 3 am. They’ll do the same for the final, as well as play a replay broadcast at 10:30 am on Sunday. Here’s what they said on their IG:

they played this week’s semi-finals live at 3 am. They’ll do the same for the final, as well as play a replay broadcast at 10:30 am on Sunday. Here’s what they said on their IG:

Seating at Rough & Tumble is first-come, first-served. They aren’t taking reservations, and the place is always PACKED, so “plan accordingly,” suggests the pub. Rough & Tumble is all-ages, but no pets, please. 

@theticketsea 🍻 Ballard’s premier women’s sports bar Rough & Tumble Pub was packed for Monday‘s late-night USWNT World Cup match vs Portugal 📣 The game was tightly contested with underdogs Portugal looking like the stronger team for most of the match—including a shot off the post in the 92nd minute which would have set up one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. With the 0-0 tie the US moves on to the knockout rounds. No more keeping track of points and other score-lines, it’s time for win-or-go-home soccer ⚽️ The next match will be a tough test for the USWNT. They face longtime rival Sweden at 2 am PST 😵‍💫 on Sunday, August 6th, (AKA Saturday night). While the US got the better of the Swedes in the last World Cup, times have changed and the Blågult are the ones with all the momentum. See you at the next match? #USWNT #womensworldcup2023 #theticket ♬ original sound – TheTicketSeattle

⚽ Ballard: Rough & Tumble Pub | 5309 22nd Ave NW Top Floor, Seattle | (206) 737-7687
REPLAY: Kickoff at 10:30 am on Sunday, August 20th

⚽ Fremont: The George & Dragon Pub | 206 N 36th St, Seattle | (206) 695-2768
REPLAY: Kickoff at 12 pm on Sunday, August 20th

These bars have not announced that they will be screening replays of the Women’s World Cup Final, but they’ve screened games in the past. Contact these bars for more info.

Phinney Ridge: The Dray | 708 NW 65th St, Seattle | (206) 453-4527
⚽ Roosevelt: The Atlantic Crossing Pub | 6508 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle | (206) 729-6266
Downtown: Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub | 1916 Post Alley, Seattle | (206) 728-1916
⚽ Capitol Hill: Rhein Haus | 912 12th Ave, Seattle | (206) 889-6220
⚽ West Seattle: Admiral Pub West Seattle | 2306 California Ave SW, Seattle | (206) 933-9500


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