Wednesday Bike Rides with Coffee Outside Seattle 

A weekly morning meet-up 🚴

📸: Courtesy Coffee Outside Seattle

🚲 Every Wednesday • 7 am
⏰ Check their Instagram and website for locations

Here’s a tip on how to enjoy the ever-so-slowly-shortening days of summer in Seattle: wake up early on Wednesdays for the weekly 7 am bike rides with the cycling group Coffee Outside Seattle. 

Every Monday, the Seattle chapter of Coffee Outside announces its route on its Insta. Sometimes the group goes to Elliott Bay, other times they go to Madrona Park. Locations change every week, so keep your eyes peeled. (They’ve also got a calendar here.) 

A one-two combo, Coffee Outside is a nationwide movement that promotes touching grass in the mornings, while also taking time to savor the flavors of Seattle’s coffee beans. Each rider is encouraged to bring their own coffee set-up, which you can share with anyone along the ride. 

Not a morning person? That’s fine! Another group called Bike Happy Hour does biweekly rides around Seattle. It shares all the good stuff about Coffee Outside rides but instead of getting buzzy on coffee, you get buzzed on booze—but not too much. You still need to bike home.


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