Upper Deck Golf @ T-Mobile Park

Get a birdie at the baseball park ⛳

📸: Upper Deck Golf

 📅 Friday, November 3rd – Sunday, November 5th
📍 T-Mobile Park: 1250 1st Ave S, Seattle
🎟 $80+

A special pop-up event has been striking stadiums around the country. It’s like showing up to play hockey at a pool hall, except it’s golf in a ballpark. Upper Deck Golf lets you tee up over third base at T-Mobile Park, bringing two sports together that involve striking balls.

Last May, there was one of these pop-ups in Lumen Field. Participants got a chance to slice on the Seahawks’ turf, and now you can play on custom greens at the Mariners’ home. And if you’re a fan of GOLF+ or other VR golf games, this immersive experience doesn’t require a gaming system or a trip to a country club.

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Upper Deck Golf is a nine-hole course, each hole ranging from 75 to 150 yards. And if the only time you “golf” is when you’re tipsy at the driving range, Upper Deck will provide clubs, and cocktails will be available to accompany them. The event is for all ages, but everyone must have a registered tee time. (No looky-loos.) Tee times also include complimentary golf balls. In the park’s clubhouse, golfers can partake in putting and chipping skills challenges, plus a driving challenge featuring a UDG driving simulator.

BTW: Did you know golf was a banned sport? Yep, in 1457, King James II decreed that football (soccer) and golf should be utterly condemned and stopped! Wow, talk about hating sports! 


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