“They’re Out There” Film Series @ Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Aliens invade Bainbridge 👽

📸: Hulu / Save Yourselves

Tuesdays in August

After years of Zoom meetings and doomscrolling, maybe you, like me, feel like getting as far away from all your electrical devices as possible. Trade remote work for a remote cabin, preferably with no internet connection. That’s what the Brooklyn couple at the center of the movie Save Yourselves do… but their timing is, um, inopportune. Just as the two unplug, aliens invade New York City and then the world. But how would they know? They’re not on Twitter. They’re just chilling as the world ends.

Save Yourselves, a dark comedy that got overlooked because a lot was going on the year it was released (2020), will close a month-long film series on Bainbridge Island all about alien invasions. The series, programmed by the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and happening across four Tuesdays in August, pairs two classic alien-themed films with two new ones.

The series started on August 2 with The Vast of Night (also released in 2020), a 1950s period piece about a switchboard operator and radio DJ who discover an alien audio signal. The following week, a biggie: Blade Runner (1982). The museum screened the director’s cut. After that, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), another classic, this one starring alien pods that land in San Francisco. (It also stars Jeff Goldblum!) Now it all wraps up with Save Yourselves, a funny millennial film starring John Reynolds from Search Party and Sunita Mani from Glow.  

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