THEM @ Barboza

A don’t-miss debut 🤘

A photo of the band THEM laughing, with their arms slung over each other's shoulders. Shot through a fisheye lens

📸: Freakout Festival | Pearl Charles

Friday, December 9 • 7 pm

Ah December, that chaotic time of year when students cram before finals and service industry workers hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” a nauseating amount of times. There’s a risk that any holiday cheer will disappear before there’s time to truly enjoy it. So, give yourself a quick break from the holiday hustle by heading to Barboza for THEM’s first headlining show on Friday, December 9.

Who is THEM? They’re a dreamy, pop-rock girl band on the rise, having gone from playing open mics in West Seattle to gaining traction throughout the pandemic and sharing stages at Capitol Hill Block Party, University of Washington, and the Paramount. Now they’ll be taking their scooping, melodic vocals and classic rock guitar riffs and commanding their own stage for the first time. 

Supported by Cherry Ferrari and King Sheim, THEM are curating a mix of talent and musical genres out to their show. Not to mention a lineup Seattle needs to see more often—young, non-male musicians outside the strict grunge reputation our city is often stuck with. Not that I’m knocking grunge! It’s just a breath of fresh air learning about other music in the Seattle scene. So take a break from any impending holiday chaos and support a promising local band.


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Joslin Keim

Joslin (they/them) is a journalist and photographer whose work focuses on exchanges of energy between artists and fans. They believe in quietly supporting the local music scene and treating people with kindness, always! Follow them on Instagram and TikTok.